Dentures supported by implants

If all the teeth are missing in the upper or lower jaw (or the remaining teeth have to be removed) then it is possible to realize a removable denture fixed on several implants. This high quality denture is very stable, functional and aesthetic. We recommend this prosthesis for patients who want a less expensive solution than the fixed bridge, which requires a larger number of implants.

The advantages of removable prosthesis supported by implants:

  • They look like natural teeth;
  • The removable denture is stabilized by a bar and clip attachment system, fixed to the implants. Thus, the denture moves only very little during mastication and there is no need to use adhesive to ensure the holding of the prosthesis;
  • If the prosthesis is put on the upper jaw, there is no need for an artificial palate, which increases the comfort of the patient;
  • It is possible to replace the missing natural gum by an artificial one (see photo). This reduces wrinkles around the lips;
  • Its restores fully the masticatory function;
  • It is a reliable, long term solution
  • It is very easy to clean;
  • It must be removed for cleaning, but the patient can sleep with it;
  • It can be easily repaired;
  • In general there is no need of a bone graft.


The disadvantages of dentures supported by implants

  •  Some patients have difficulty accepting the idea of wearing a denture and they absolutely want to have an implant supported fixed bridge.
  • The prosthesis occupies a little more space in the mouth than natural teeth.


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How often and for how many days do you have to come to our clinic in Budapest?

  1. visit, Step No. 1: If necessary, we remove the remaining teeth and make a temporary prosthesis (2 to 5 working days). Then, there is a healing period of 3 months. If there are no teeth to extract we go to step # 2.
  2. visit, Step # 2: implant placement (2 days), then 5 months of healing.
  3. visit, Step # 3: realization of the prosthesis (8-10 days).

How many implants are needed?

  •  With 4 implants, a bar and clip attachment system and a full denture: this is the main method of attachment. We suggest, in most cases, this solution.
  •  With 2 implants, two ball type attachments and a full denture: the ball attachments are fixed to the implants stabilize the prosthesis. We suggest this method when there is not enough bone for 4 implants.