Clear Solution
Invisible orthodontics

Clear Solution orthodontic system is one of the most modern and most aesthetic solution for those who wish to align their teeth discreetly, “invisibly”, in order to have the smile of their dreams come true.

Benefits of the Clear Solution – invisible orthodontic system:

  • We plan your complete treatment in advance and present the end result in 3D. All it takes is two dental impressions, a CT scan and a few photos we take at the clinic;
  • There is no need for a device fixed on your teeth: the braces are replaced with removable splints;
  • Aesthetic – The orthodontic splint placed on the teeth is unnoticable;
    In most cases, this system does not require tooth extraction;
  • Hygienic – because the device is removable, it is very easy to clean;
    Comfortable – after a couple of hours you won’t even notice the device;


Are there any disadvantages?

  • Complex orthodontic cases cannot always be solved with this system.

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