Painfree dental care

  • Quick and efficient: Due to the great experience of our doctors, the treatment won’t take more time than necessary. Whatever is the treatment, the patient spends maximum a few hours at the clinic.

  • Painless treatment: usually we use injections of local anaesthetics. Before using the syringe we apply an anaesthetic gel on the gum, so the patient will not feel the jab. We use just the best anaesthetic; it contains articaine (4 times more efficient than the conventional lidocaine). The insensitivity appears very quickly, in 2-3 minutes, and it lasts 4-5 hours.

  • Comfortable and ergonomic chairs. Thus, even the longest treatments are easy to endure.

  • At the end of each treatment, we put temporary crowns on the teeth which have been prepared. We also make temporary fillings. For this we use soothing temporary adhesives.

  • After the treatment, as the prepared teeth can be sensitive, we provide painkillers and, if necessary, antibiotics.