Removable dentures

Partial denture

This is a type of removable dental prosthesis that we realize when a fixed solution is excluded (eg for financial reasons). The prosthesis is retained by metal hooks (clipses) that may be visible in some cases. The palate may be covered by a metal plate, which is not aesthetic and can be uncomfortable. The clipses allow a pretty good fixation, the prosthesis remains stable. You must remove the denture for cleaning, it is possible to sleep with.

Partial cast denture with precision attachments

It is a combination of removable and unremovable dental replacements. This is a good alternative when using of implants is excluded. Partial cast denture is used when the molars are missing but there are at least 4 remaining front teeth. Anterior teeth receive a bridge (not removable). At each end of the bridge there is a discrete metal clip. These two attachments are used to stabilize the removable prosthesis which will replace the missing molars.

The different types of dental stellites:

  • Preci-VERTIX: if the molar lack either side of the jaw;
  • Mk1: if the missing molar on one side of the jaw.

The complete dental prosthesis (denture)

This is the classic removable full denture. We realize this solution, when implantation is not possible (for medical reasons or when there is not enough bone tissue place the implants). We also realize these dentures as a temporary solution for the period of healing and osseointegration of the implants.

This is the less expensive type of dental prosthesis.

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